It all started seven years ago when ROF’s founders met each other under a beautiful oak tree in Wellington, South Africa. After a few years of friendship they became a happy couple living a vibrant life in Amsterdam surrounded by interesting people, with promising careers ahead, and a comfortable lifestyle. However, having both grown up in the countryside, they missed their familiar place outside the city – where they learned how to play – nature.     

    After years of fantasizing about a life in South Africa they decided to pursue their dream. In 2019 ROFs’ founders changed their lifestyle and stepped into the unknown by moving back to the place where it all began.  

Once they were settled in South Africa they decided to share handcrafted pieces of South Africa with the world. Something both of them missed while living in one of the roughest, but trendiest places on earth – a pair of boots they could wear in every setting. 

This experience inspired them to create ROF, the South African lingo for “rough”. A brand that stands for freedom, adventure and off the beaten track. These unpolished, firm and timeless boots are 100% handmade by passionate local craftsmen.   


The brand is all about simplicity with one model for him and for her, in every casual setting, available in black and brown leather.

With the slogan “One FOR All”, we stress the fact that ROF boots can be worn by men, women and children, it’s one boot for the whole family. Whether you like partying, hiking, driving motorcycles or riding horses, these boots will work for you. 


By wearing a pair of ROF boots, you contribute to a sustainable way of living since we construct our high quality leather in an eco-friendly manner guaranteed to last you for years. 


*For every pair of ROF boots sold during the COVID-19 crises, we currently provide 10 people with a healthy meal in our local community.  In addition, we offer our customers the option to add an extra amount to their order – feeding an extra ​​number of people.

The Power of Wellness Trends

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