Tremayne Between Shows

It was AFI Fashion Week and we had hit the ground running from early that morning, setting up for what was sure to be twelve hours of models, make up changes and press interviews. Getting only a glimmering moment to find out what inspired the looks, who was working the room and what make up was being used on the day, I stole five minutes of Tremayne’s impeccable focus between shows to find out more about her stellar brand “Brushes by West”.

With over eleven years experience in the makeup industry, Tremayne West has used her extensive knowledge to design two ranges of makeup brushes that she believes every woman and man who loves the feeling of softly applying product to their skin should own, and know exactly how to use.

“Brushes by West” is a brand that not only aspires to produce great quality brushes that are affordable to everyone, but also to educate users on how to use these brushes to the best effect. The brush sets have been hand created to ensure variety, multi-functional purpose and durability, to provide long lasting makeup application. The brush hair is made of ultra soft synthetic fibers to ensure that every brush is cruelty free. “Brushes by West” hopes to inspire and bring out the creativity and beauty that every person possesses within.

The Power of Wellness Trends

Wellness trends are so powerful. They bring light to the countless ways that we can look after ourselves. From Crossfit to Kundalini, when different trends rise, sometimes hopping on board can be a great way for you to find something that works really well for you.

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