“Building A Brand In Essence”

Inkaturah is a luxury, contemporary African brand of handcrafted statement jewelry.

Routed in traditional African aesthetics, merged with architectural geometries, each piece is intended to narrate a different story and celebrate the character of the unique individual who wears them.

Phathi, the founder of the brand tells us that she has known since she was fifteen that she wanted to be in the fashion industry. She studied architecture because of her love for design but during her practicing years, realized that she wanted more control over the design process and more freedom to create any shapes that would not be limited by the restrictions and regulations of the building industry. Phathi decided to leave architecture to pursue the path of entrepreneurship and, although it wasn’t a perfect journey, she soon found her niche and has come to respect the amazing amount of discipline required to remain creative whilst building the business aspect of a brand.

Phati’s second name is Katurah, meaning perfume which inspired her to choose the name Inkaturah which means “In Essence”. The name represents the brand which is about self expression and being in your essence.

She enjoys doing crafty projects and anything style related and began making and selling jewellery because she could finish small projects in a reasonable amount of time, whilst still creating beautiful pieces. The intention was to raise capital to start a clothing brand but she found jewellery design to be enjoyable and profitable so she stuck with it.

Having an architectural background makes her pieces unique because of the conceptual geometries and material layering that is incorporated. The pieces are sometimes part of a poetic collection or can be single ideas inspired by something that Phathi has seen, experienced or a place she has visited. They are created by laser cutting designed templates then finished by meticulous hand assembly. This includes beadwork, painting and joining.

Phathi started this business for the love and ability to create her own uncapped income, freedom and flexibility in hours and design ideas and encourages  other entrepreneurs to create a variety of price range product offerings and to get to understand the industry they are in as well as their clientele and then work around this rather than overpricing everything. You have to earn your worth.

Focus on storytelling, clients have become increasingly interested in the why, what and who of the brand and go the extra mile and focus on the details such as packaging, efficiency and relationship building Influencer marketing and videos are also a great way to grow social media accounts. Online sales are generated a lot through these channels.

We are looking forward to watching this beautiful brand build and grow!

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