AFRAKARI. The luxury, African, natural, organic skincare that is gender neutral
and handcrafted in small batches. Minimalist, sophisticated and indulgent
skincare with exquisite aromas, a truly sensorial experience.

Currently entrepreneurs behind a men’s skincare brand made in South Africa, Red
Dane, the founders of AFRAKARI wanted to create a skincare brand that focused
on and would showcase the magic & power of Africa – world class African
ingredients and formulation technologies that are among the best in the world.

Africa boasts some of the best natural skincare ingredients in the world and they
wanted to capture the soul and spirit of Africa and bring it into people’s skin. With
their love for Africa, skincare, and the ingredients mother nature has to offer,
AFRAKARI as a concept was born.

In searching for their name, AFRAKARI’S founders were looking for something that
would capture the concept of “African Power”, something strong, unique, magical,
and that would roll off the tongue and resonate with everyone who heard the name.
Of course it had to refer to Africa and reflect the value system of both founders and
the offering. The question they kept asking ourselves was: would this name have
global appeal and be loved by all? Could it be the African Chanel in terms of brand
recognition? After weeks of brainstorming and putting it out to the universe,
AFRAKARI was born.

AFRAKARI captures the unique, exotic and powerful African positioning they are

AFRAKARI is born from the love of Africa. A common vision shared by three people to bring the best of Africa to your skin. A love that empowers, transforms, and feedsback to this great continent.

Their products have been formulated by an award-winning South African biochemist who has designed scientifically proven skincare for international brands. She has spent over a decade refining the essential components of transformative skincare.

As such, a deep understanding of the skin microcosm is built into every product.
Combining knowledge of skin flora, cellular chemistry & communication, and the
role of genetic factors, led to the development of AFRAKARI – a holistic and
conscious skin solution. 

AFRAKARI boasts a plethora of treasured & exotic ingredients from South Africa
and the African continent, ingredients with remarkable skin benefits to transform
your skin. The ingredients are natural, organic, cruelty free and suitable for
vegetarians, vegans and all skin types. Our products are free of toxins, chemicals
and are kind to your skin when working their magic.

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