Insights From The Raw Beauty Co’s Founder On How To Get Started

When I think about The Raw Beauty Co from an outsider’s perspective, what comes to mind is a cruelty free, natural affordable luxury brand that radiates positivity, self-care and self-acceptance through natural beauty and wellness products. The Raw Beauty Co founder, Zara found interest in starting her own business in the later months of 2019 when she applied for a part time job and was turned down for being unavailable during the working hours required. Feeling discouraged and worried about how she would make an income during her studies, Zara got inspired by her interest and love for natural products, which she had personally been making for herself and her mother for years. 


After conducting market research and finding that there were many people who were also interested in purchasing natural, handmade products, Zara took a leap of faith and followed her heart as she began trying recipe after recipe. Unlike most entrepreneurs, she found the  entire process to be a wonderful experience and equally challenging. 

She started with limited products and her customers were family and friends. Zara’s first market showed her exactly how much hard work goes into entrepreneurship and exactly what it took from always being a customer to stepping on to the other side. Learning to never underestimate the amount of effort and time any one has put into their product offering or service. 

When starting up, she wanted The Raw Beauty Co to be associated with all forms of beauty and diversity and not to conform to society’s beauty standards. She felt that the beauty industry could be extremely toxic when it comes to promoting a certain type of look or idea of what it means to be beautiful and she worked hard to ensure the brand catered to everyone and promoted overall wellness  instead of promoting clear flawless skin and hair. 

During the creative process of designing and testing their products there were many trial and error phases where they used complex ingredients and long winding recipes. These ended up not being nearly as effective as a short simple recipe with a few reliable and beneficial ingredients. As soon as Zara had her formulations ready and tested them on herself and brave family members, she was ready to launch and begin selling. She quickly learnt that there was so much more to producing a product than just the product itself.

Zara began the process of labelling and branding. It just so happened that at that time she had been lucky enough to win a small business branding package by The Branding Box. Within a week she had beautiful branding which had the perfect colour pallet, a range of light pinks and whites. When The Raw Beauty Co launched their new branding, Zara was beyond excited and ready to take on the challenges that were headed my way. She received so much positive feedback which motivated her  so much. It also taught her how far a few kind words can go. From there on her business grew steadily and she began receiving so much support from strangers. For Zara this was one of the most interesting and beautiful parts of running her business. It is the faith and trust absolute strangers had in her to deliver on what she had advertised. 

Overall being an entrepreneur is an extremely fruitful and educational experience, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication as well as confidence in yourself and your product. Zara’s advice to those thinking of starting their own business, is that you do not need a big team of experts to do it. Zara started her  business by herself and continues to work by herself with the support of her family. If you are going to take a risk on anyone, let it be you. Invest in yourself and build something that makes you happy and proud.

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