My love affair with fashion design began when I was nine years old.

I would sit in class and sketch Cinderella ball gowns all day. 


When I finished school, I wanted to study fashion design , but my parents had other plans and insisted I get a university degree. Looking back, I still wish I had attended a fashion college; however, the three years I spent doing BA Legal studies would prove invaluable and have opened more doors for me than the fashion degree would have .


Ultimately free-will prevailed and shortly after obtaining my degree I moved from Joburg to Cape Town. I landed my first job as a trainee buyer for Truworths launching my design career. I will always be grateful for the wealth of information and guidance I received during my time there. Five years later I left to start my own design and manufacturing company, alongside my best friend in her son’s bedroom.


Together we built a successful company which supplied Young Designer Emporium stores nationwide. We had an amazing eighteen years, but as they say all good things must come to an end and we decided to close our business and go separate ways. I continued to supply YDE under a new label, “Maxibcollection”, for another two years following on from that and it was during that time I realized I needed to move into a space where I was creating ranges inspired by my own personal style as opposed to meeting industry need.


Through my travels I had come across some of the most beautiful fabrics and trims. Unfortunately, at the time, I couldn’t buy them because I was always trying to keep my fabric costs low, meeting the market related price points within Yde.


Over the years, I also began to notice my personal style had evolved and I recognized a gap in the market for more unique and exclusive items, clothing that isn’t based on fast fashion trends but rather representative of a certain lifestyle. My true passion is fabric and I felt compelled to buy magnificent fabrics as I came across them, without feeling dictated to by quantity and price.


That is how Kokodakota was born!


I made the decision to leave Yde and start my new label. Showcasing styles that are timeless, versatile, feminine and multi functional.


My range is for the young at heart, the dreamers and adventurers, the free spirits and the lovers of beautiful things!


Kokodakota means “beyond the city” and that is exactly where I want my garments to transport you. 

How you write your story is up to you, take us along for the ride!




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