Things You Need To Know About Scarpetta

If you haven’t heard of Scarpetta restaurant, you need to check it out. This gem boasts seasonality and authentic homemade Italian food. The family run eatery makes customers feel like they are attending a family feast or bringing one home with food that is a tasteful balance of local seasonal ingredients and imported Italian products, keeping it authentic. Scarpetta’s humble, wholesome food results in tables of pure bliss. 

We took a seat with the family, over a few plates of their incredible cuisine to hear more about what makes Scarpetta the much loved kitchen-away-from-home for many.

Ricky Turilli; “After you have eaten your pasta and placed your fork down on your plate, a lashing of tasty unfinished pasta sauce still remains. The phrase ‘fare la scarpetta’ refers to the small piece of bread {that looks like a little shoe} is used to mop up, by sweeping the bread across, to relive those last mouthfuls of sauce that once enrobed the pasta on your plate. This is something my dad and I always did together”

Chiara Turilla, daughter of the owner tells us how her father, the owner Ricky (also known as The Big Boss) was born into a life of humble food. Ricky’s Italian father, Rafaello was from a small town close to Rome, called Rieti. Ricky’s yearly travels to Italy always included his dad and many food adventures. His father was the head chef in the previous restaurants he owned.
His mother, Irna was a well respected home cook that gave life lessons in her cooking classes. After completing hotel school he decided to go into the restaurant business. He has been in the food industry for more than 40 years. It’s in his blood to feed people with love. He is not only a vibrant chef but a phenomenal father who carries that vibe into his restaurant. He feeds his guests like his own family, that is what makes Scarpetta a food experience.

Ricky, to this day adheres to the Italian way of life by taking seasonal produce very seriously. He believes that the flavour profiles of food are enhanced when you eat them at the correct time of year. The delectable menu is chalked on a board and gets reformed with the seasons.

This family certainly makes Scarpetta, literally. Each element of the restaurant was created by a family member. The combination of the homely atmosphere with the family style pots of bolognese makes you feel like part of the family. The wooden floors and old world gold tones add warmth while the white tables are fresh. The hand sketched placematts illuminate the seasonal produce.

“Our food is humble authentic home style, a restaurant where you are encouraged to share multiple courses” Chiara shares. The menu boasts a typical Italian style of eating including antipasto platters or caprese salad with fresh mozzarella to start. Pasta with traditional bolognese or a light 6 mushrooms sauce. To end the meal, homemade decadent tiramisu or citrus cannoli and the coffee is served in sharing size Moka pots.

“We pride ourselves on making authentic Italian food, our lasagne is made completely from scratch. Handmade fresh egg pasta layered with slow cooked bolognese ragu, luscious bechamel and Italian parmigiano. Our signature sauces are family heirlooms from rich 7 mushroom pasta sauce to the simple tomato based Napolitana. They have made their way into the homes of our most loyal customers” Ricky tells me. The big boss has a handful of artisanal suppliers like Puglia Cheese and his own personal mushroom forager. The rest he gathers himself, making friends with the locals is how he procures the freshest seasonal ingredients. “I go shopping in the morning, it’s my ritual. I source wholesome locally sourced seasonal ingredients and then I decide what I’m going to make. Things are a bit different now, I have a more structured offering with my delivery menu.” Keeping it in the family, the desserts are made by Ricky’s wife, Melissa. Citrus scented cannoli, rich dark chocolate torte and the most recent addition to her repertoire is limoncello white chocolate cheesecake.

The food industry is a way of life for the Turilli family and they definitely have mastered it. As a family they are constantly working on evolving the Scarpetta experience. The industry is tough but it’s a lifestyle that Ricky has woven into being. He cares so intensely about his food, his family and his Scarpetta community.

A typical week in the Turilli family encompases an exciting food journey. The Big Boss will go shopping and find an exciting seasonal ingredient and once he finds seasonal ingredients he calls his food stylist daughter, Chiara to assist in creating a delectable recipe. The family will come together to taste test the new recipe and discuss nuances and family recipes that could be incorporated. His son, Danillo who is a fashion photographer, shoots food for his Dad and will take photos of the dish styled by Chiara. Danillo’s art director Susi will manage the shoot with Melissa as the hand model. Francois their tech developer will then create the images and menu.

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