From 0 – 100

Two years ago, if you had ever heard me say “I’m off for a run with so-n-so” you would have known that I was going for a walk to chat and catch up with a friend.

I mean, running doesn’t get much better than that right? One cannot pant and catch up at the same time.

 I slowly took my cardio more seriously, around September when the weather got warmer. I joined a running group, who ran promptly at 6am…in winter. And then I was hooked.

I did my first 10km in 2017, and after a couple of these races I moved to my first 15km in 2018. A few weeks after my first 15km I did my first half marathon with only seven days to train before committing to do it.

Two days after my first half marathon, I received a casual message from a friend saying, “how do you feel about marathons?” and next thing I knew…I was signed up and training for the Cape Town Marathon 2018. 42,2 freaking kilometres.

 With 127 days to go when I made my commitment, I decided then and there that my training would be both physical and mental and was starting that day!

I planned a training diary, and to write about the benefits of each type of exercise I was going to do and why.

 Week 1:

Saturday – 12,6 km training run

Monday – 45-minute spinning class

Tuesday – Muay Thai fighting

Wednesday – Alignment and Applied Kinesiology

Thursday – Leg and Bum training

Friday – 8km walk


Saturday was glorious. It was an enlightening run connecting with like-minded motivated people.

Monday, I took the spinning class which is something I love doing, being able to help others grow and improve.

Tuesday, this was hugely challenging, and I learnt so much about my personal limits, both physically and mentally.

Wednesday, I didn’t post about this session because it felt very sacred to me and I didn’t want to lessen that by making it public, but it was truly nourishing.

Thursday, good strong session learning about my muscles and how to get used to the benefit of the burn.


And here I am.


After this, and Friday’s session to go, I realised the biggest lesson of all, both physically and mentally.

Yes, I took on a huge amount in one week, on top of a full-time job, coaching clients and personal growth work.

But that’s life.

 There is always going to be lots going on. We are constantly faced with challenges and different situations which will make us feel happy or overwhelmed.

We will also then realise, for ourselves, when enough is enough.

 In embarking on this physical and mental challenge, I realised I didn’t actually like the pressure of needing to train for a marathon. Thinking about my next run felt like a task. Planning my work outs for next week felt negative.

 That isn’t what it should be about.

 I realised I was going from 0 – 100 (minus 58 so really 42), and then rapidly back to 0 if I carry on with this.

 I want to be a brilliant facilitator and I want to be a success in my career, this is where I need to place my energy.

I love exercising and personal development, this is where I find my joy and satisfaction.

So today, with 113 days of training to go, I decided this is not for me right now.

And that is perfectly fine, for me.

 Training for anything requires all of your physical and mental focus and energy, and you need to be there for it, present and gaining from it.

All the best to those who are running, may the training serve you and your health strengthened.


I am going to do everything I did this week again, only this time, out of sheer love for it.

This is what is important to me right now.


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