From Canvas to Yoga Mat: The magical NovaWoolf premium yoga mat collection

A new canvas. A fresh perspective. Positive change. These were the initial thoughts that set the wheel in motion and resulted in the creation of NovaWoolf premium yoga mats.

At first glance, this innovative collection of yoga mats looks almost too beautiful to use. Each breath-taking design is created from hand-painted artworks, created by NovaWoolf founder and artist, Ilse Lewis. It all started with a simple idea – a unique canvas to showcase her art.

“NovaWoolf yoga mats reflect an equal measure of scientific engineering, and thoughtfully curated art, to create a magical product that will become a treasured part of your yoga story. I believe this type of integration between body & mind, emotional value & physical performance, ecological consciousness & personal satisfaction are key to living a balanced, healthy, abundant life. I believe in quality over quantity, consciously curating your life and only owning items that add value to your life.” – Ilse Lewis.

When you purchase a NovaWoolf yoga mat, you invest in premium, innovative grip-adaptive technology that was designed to ensure that your body is fully supported while practising yoga.

NovaWoolf yoga mats were not only designed to provide you with only the best in quality and performance features, but also with the conscious intention to be kind to our environment. These extra-large, extra-thick yoga mats were designed to support all bodies and to cushion the joints. They have been made using natural, biodegradable, and recycled materials, and are free from PVC and toxins often found in other yoga mats.

Currently, there are five designs to choose from. The Aligned mat is suitable for any style of yoga practice, and will support you in any environment. It offers the most cutting edge, grip-adaptive technology on the market today. Its intelligent laser-cut alignment design will assist you to correctly align your body in every pose. This mat offers truly astounding versatile performance features to any level of practice – an absolute yogi necessity! 

Secondly, the Luxe collection mats are the ultimate companion to hot yoga and sweaty practices. With a luxurious vegan suede finish, this mat is like a towel and yoga mat combined! It offers super-absorbency, extra comfortable cushioning, and versatility. When used in dry (non-sweaty conditions), the luxurious, non-sticky surface will aid you in building strength. It’s no surprise then that this mat is quickly becoming a favourite amongst yoga instructors and other fitness professionals alike. 

Every NovaWoolf yoga mat also includes a free carrying strap – perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and full hands, in every sense of the word.

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