Self Love is not a selfie

Who of us have posted a #nomakeupselfie to declare our self-love?

Or how about the gym pic with an inspirational quote?

I know I have.

 If I were to give you a mirror and ask you to stare into your eyes and smile, simply saying “I love you” – could you?

Today, “self-love” has become a buzz word for newly singles, cheeky bum pics and the #nomakeupselfie. But is this self-love? Is this how we are demonstrating how we feel about ourselves? From this perspective, it looks a lot like people posting trending photos in the hope of getting a certain number of likes.

Then what is self-love? The media are telling us we need to have it but they aren’t showing us how. Yes, there has been a movement of all body types, a variety of expressions and takes on beauty, but behind these static images…where is the (self) love?

Self-Love is not a selfie. Self-Love is a frequency.

 We achieve this frequency by understanding and therefore accepting ourselves.

Before I started the process of facilitating growth, I was never able to talk in front of more than two people. Today I do workshops in front of many more than that, not because I got a certain number of likes next to what I was putting out there, but because I learnt about me.

The key to success here is to break down the beliefs that we think are true to us, that actually don’t serve us.

A common one, I am an introvert or an extrovert. Have you ever considered that, you can be “classified” as either of these in any different circumstance? In a room of people, you have known for years you may come across as an extrovert but in a room of strangers, more introvert.

Another one, I am a pessimist or an optimist. You can be either of these numerous times throughout the day, based on your programming towards that experience.

It takes twenty-one days to create a habit and the sixty-six days to mold it as a groove in your brain. Listening to an Oprah Super Soul Session with Deepak Chopra, he made a comment that “neurons that wire together, fire together” which just rang so true in this context.

Our words transfer our thoughts, and our thoughts are instructions to the brain. If we just change the words that we use about ourselves, we can vastly change our emotional patterns.

The next time you look in the mirror, instead of looking for the smudged mascara, why not look for your dazzling eye colour or shape of your smile?

By doing this, you are constantly releasing dopamine about yourself, for yourself, raising your frequency.

There is a saying, “Be Happy, Make Happy”. If you vibrate at a higher frequency, the people around you are more likely to pick up on that and join you on that level. So I would like to challenge all of you…

“Be Love. Make Love”.

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