5 tips to create a gorgeous at-home coffee bar

If your coffee essentials are currently shoved in a corner where it’s hard to reach, it might be
time for a gorgeous at-home coffee bar. By creating a nook dedicated to storing everything
you need for your coffee fix, you’ll transform your at-home coffee experience.

Coffee bars & small spaces make the perfect match 
Any small space can feel dreamy for both the budget-conscious and elaborate aspiring at-
home barista. A neutral palette of creams, leather, and wood tones can make a small space
feel airy. 

To avoid clutter, experiment with floating shelves and a table big enough to hold just the
necessary items. Wondering what to do to bring some joy to a dead wall? Simply add a
sturdy shelf to the unused wall space to hold everything needed for your caffeine fix, then
and add some accessories to give your at-home coffee bar a designated feel. 

Put gorgeous ceramics on display
Choose to have multiple open shelves that store everything you need to make your morning
ritual feel like a comforting experience. Have beautiful ceramics hidden in your cupboard?
Put them on display along with your coffee-making essentials, cups and utensils. The trick is
to ensure that your space is filled with pieces that have a function and purpose, not just for
the sake of beautiful aesthetics. 

Add plants to your coffee bar setup 
Don’t be afraid to add greenery to your at-home coffee bar. Along with all your coffee
essentials conveniently displayed in one place, you can and should add elements to your
nook that you love. Add your favourite plants, succulents or fresh flowers to give the nook a
truly welcoming feel. 

Make an old dresser the focal point
With a few coats of luxurious paint, you’ll be able to convert an old dresser to a coffee station
with tons of storage space (thanks to the drawers). Pop on all of your coffee must-haves and
you’ll have a coffee bar that’s unique to your home.

Drinks carts work just as well 
Bar carts or drinks trolleys work wonders if you’re short on space. Transform it into a coffee
bar on wheels with just the right amount of accessories, cups and coffee essentials – which
presents the added benefit of enjoying your coffee experience in different areas of your
home, any given day.

How will you create an at-home coffee bar that reflects your style and best utilises the space
you have available?

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