Ethical fashion brands inspiring our love for local

We may have a lot further to go towards sustainability in fashion in South Africa but one thing is for sure – local ethical fashion brands are taking a stand and positively influencing conscious purchasing and helping us rediscover our love for clothing, old and new.

The global and local shift in the fashion industry due to the current state of affairs has made it impossible for naysayers to continue to gloss over pressing factors like
climate change, the need for ethical practices in the fashion landscape and the cost of fast fashion.

This shift has also created an even larger, welcoming space for critical thinking about our purchases, trends and the value in supporting local small businesses.

We’re choosing to focus on and celebrate a few of our favourite ethical fashion brands in SA like Urban Huntress, Koko da Kota, Major John, Just Say Maybe
Lingerie, plasticity., Something Good Studio, Ora-Sacred Muse, KELP by Ray,  Bomba Bags ,  inkaturah , Baskiti,  Kare kollective  and ROF Style, to name a few.

South Africa and Africa as a whole undoubtedly possess rich cultural and unique fashion stories. These incredible brands are a testament to the creativity of our people. Through luxury, handcrafted, eco-conscious products they are breathing new life into the local fashion landscape.

Shifting attitudes towards fashion consumption
Socio-economic factors, climate change, and fashion’s impact on the environment have long been matters of concern. These unique brands have each built their stories and products around creating goods that complement our lives with careful consideration of our natural resources and the impact on our environment.

Creating and shopping with purpose
With increased support of local artists and brands, we may find a shift in the way consumers shop. Local brands offer everything from handcrafted basics to resort wear and luxury items. Green fashion brands like these with sustainability at their core, now more than ever have the opportunity to reach new consumers and influence curated and considered fashion choices.

More than just garments
Upcycled materials, sustainable textiles, and an appreciation for history have fuelled these artists to use fashion as a medium to tell stories of possibility and creativity. By supporting local you’re doing more than just buying another garment – you’re choosing to celebrate a movement towards breaking fashion’s status quo.

Are you ready to shift towards curating a conscious wardrobe? These brands might be the perfect introduction to a new appreciation for timeless style and ethical fashion. Shop now and discover the pieces that spark joy for you.

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