Microweddings and minimonies: trends or here to stay?

We’ve all seen the romcom where the father of the bride spares nothing to give daddy’s little girl’ the wedding of her dreams. And life imitated art because traditional ceremonies oozed opulence with lavish florals and Champagne towers in exclusive locations. So, why are we hearing about microweddings, minimonies and sequels? And when did elopements become a thing again?

Smaller weddings didn’t originate during the pandemic but evolved over the last five years. Social consciousness saw extravagant celebrations take a back seat as quality trumped quantity. Gone are the days of inviting cousins twice removed and Karen in accounts. Even plus ones were crossed off the list unless the relationship carried a Facebook status. Simple mindfulness put the heart back into ceremonies.

Then Covid-19 hit bringing strict health and safety regulations in highly sanitised environments for smaller groups with minimal body contact. How do we even practice social distancing on a day dedicated to the celebration of love where hugging and kissing is the norm? With care and planning, that’s how.

Industry players looked for creative and innovative ways to host intimate weddings of 20 guests and suppliers or microweddings of 50. Technology saw proceedings live streamed to guests abroad or to high risk elderly grandparents and friends. Even DJ’s streamed gigs from their homes to yours. Multi-faceted suppliers will become more sought after in an effort to reduce the head count at weddings.
Caterers may offer decor services while waiters double as cleaners. Hired venues will give way to private homes and brides may look to guests for hair and makeup, or even DIY.

Minimonies and Sequels
Couples who chose to proceed with weddings during the pandemic started hosting mini ceremonies. This gesture of commitment is shared between themselves, a physically or virtually present officiant and 10 guests all practicing social distancing. The exchange of intent entails handwritten notes, a first dance and snapshots like flowers or a cocktail culled from their original plan. A minimony isn’t meant to cut corners. Instead, it honours the initial wedding date until the sequel or ‘original’ wedding day can be celebrated later on.

We’re seeing elopements rise in popularity again. Once exclusively reserved for forbidden love or wild nights in Vegas, couples are now planning to exchange vows privately. The romance of secrecy is still present; this time more curated. Couples may want to commemorate a special date or location, or incorporate sentimental touches. In fact, elopements are now standard on wedding planners menus of services.

One thing’s for sure, your wedding may not be the fairytale you dreamed of but you’ll certainly be surrounded by the love of your nearest and dearest. And that’s what special memories are made of.

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