Flowers weather all seasons, and they continue to bloom with such effortless grace.

We got the chance to sit down with Yasmina Fakier from Orchid Bloom to learn more about the inner workings of her world and what inspired this elegant brand.

“My love affair with beauty and skincare began at a young age. I remember paging through glossy magazines and being completely fascinated by the silky feel and smell of the editorial perfume samples.” She draws us in as we are instantly taken back to days lying on the floor paging through our moms magazines, looking forward to growing up so we could start to use these products ourselves. “I trained with SA Beauty in JHB where I freelanced in related fields and in my hometown, Cape Town. As a creative I’m drawn to the passion that goes into aesthetics as it comes from a very special place.” 

She continues, “in 2014 I travelled to Mecca and a certain aspect of it requires not wearing any fragrance. I had a very awkward moment in the shower as I couldn’t remember what soap or shampoo I was allowed to use. That experience led me on a path of finding a simpler solution.” Yasmina openly tells us that, at that time she was unsure about work and the direction she wanted to go into and so, at that moment had a very sincere prayer asking for guidance and inspiration. A couple of months later Yasmina launched a range of fragrance-free skin bath and body products. Some serious hard work went into accomplishing it but, according to Yasmina, her prayers were answered.

What seemed like brief moments later, in January 2016, Yasmina was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma cancer. She spent months hospitalized undergoing various invasive treatments which seemed endless and were extremely difficult at times. Snippets of her journey are journaled at “Despite the illness I continued working and studying and completed cosmetic science and product formulation with a UK based institution after my recovery.”

“I researched the effects of skin products and more specifically how the body absorbs between zero and one hundred percent of everything that is applied to it. I’ve since conceptualised, formulated and currently manufacture a range of plant-based natural & organic skincare.” We quickly learn from Yasmina that the objective is to reduce the amount of what we take onto and into our bodies. Orchid Bloom is a ‘clean beauty’ brand which means a lot of care has gone into ensuring it is free from harmful ingredients like endocrine disruptors and harsh chemicals which adversely affects the environment as well.

“Honestly, I think I challenged myself just by getting out of bed each morning. I set an intention of what I need to achieve for the day and try my best to tick off most of it. What I know for sure is that life is unpredictable and not always easy but what ultimately matters is that you push through and keep moving. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow, just keep moving!” Yasmina shares her challenges with us, which are truly inspiring to say the least.

Orchid Bloom has taken sincere dedication and determination and she shares how she absolutely loves what she does on a daily basis. She has the luxury of customizing products for herself and her lab smells amazing most days. It also warms her heart when clients genuinely appreciate the brand ethos. 

It’s no secret that Yasmina is obsessed with fresh flowers and orchids are her favourite. Flowers weather all seasons, but they continue to bloom with such effortless grace. As with life, we get dealt many things but we have to grow through it. It can either make you bitter or make you better, the choice is yours. 

This eco-luxe skincare range is a minimalist yet effective approach to skincare. All ingredients are sustainably sourced and Orchid Bloom advocates beauty without cruelty. It’s a luxurious collection of cleansers, toning mists, moisturizing balms and crèmes that add goodness without compromising on skin nutrition. The entire range is plant-based and certain products are vegan. 




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