Simple ways to elevate your at-home dining 

We’re firm believers that any at-home dining experience can be elevated with a few simple elements. If you’ve been spending more time experimenting and enjoying culinary adventures in the kitchen, we’re calling on you to make your next dining experience a luxurious one.

Sit down restaurant-quality dinners may not be an option for now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat your senses to a feast. With fresh produce from local stores with sustainability at heart, and great-quality ingredients to fit any dietary requirement, you can make any dish look and taste exquisite.

Setting the tone for an inspired at-home dining experience only requires intention and a little creativity.

Candles effortlessly transform any room
Good lighting can elevate your space, especially if the space doesn’t have natural light or a forgiving light source. Candles are an instant solution and double as decor pieces. Candles in different shapes and height create a wonderful visual story, but always remember to use unscented ones to avoid the aroma competing with your meal.

Invest in a beautiful cheeseboard set
Cheeseboards and entertainment sets made of rich, dark materials will complement the various cheeses, charcuterie and fruit you serve. Different shapes and sizes will also leave room for creativity and create an elegant finish to an easy yet delicious spread.

Beautiful dinner plates are a visual delight
There’s beauty in creating an at-home dining experience that completely reflects your personality and mood. Bring out the dinner plates that remind you of your travels to Morocco or the ones with geometric detail that you always save for special occasions. This, right here, is the perfect moment to dine lavishly and appreciate your favourite things.

Unique glassware is always encouraged
Whether you prefer traditional, uniform glassware or ones created by artists with a unique appeal – there’s always room for your glassware to take centre stage. Experiment with glassware in different hues and shapes to complement your dinner plates and enhance your overall dinner aesthetic.

Unconventional settings are part of the charm
There’s no reason why dinner should be confined to a specific room. Grab your candles, serving plates, gorgeous glassware and enjoy your meal on the floor surrounded by the comfiest pillows, on your balcony as the sunsets or any space that lends itself to the occasion.

How will you bring a sense of luxury to your next meal? While you may not be able to have your favourite people over for a dinner party just yet, you can treat yourself to an exquisite meal.

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