Getting to Know Kelli Clifton

We wanted to know more so we asked…

LMDA: Why did you get started? 

KC: I love making women feel beautiful. Be it through a new lipstick or fragrance, whatever seems to uplift their spirits. Throughout my career, that has been the main theme and it’s something that motivates me to get out of bed every single day and do what I do. There’s nothing more rewarding than receiving a letter or message from someone thanking you and that they feel great. We all need a little joy in our lives, especially now, during this very confusing time of lockdown and I’m prepared to give it.

LMDA: What motivated you to start your company?

KC: I had cultivated a substantial amount of followers on social media while working at FAIRLADY and always had a passion for the digital world. I enjoyed how instant it was and how I had such close contact with followers and brands simultaneously. I knew what it was like to be both the consumer and the brand and wanted to ‘merge’ my knowledge into a consulting format. I work closely with a lot of local beauty brands, salons, spas and aesthetic doctors that want to build a niche social media following and in turn, get more clientele. 

LMDA: How did lockdown strengthen your mindset around your business?

KC: Lockdown has put the beauty industry into panic mode and understandably so. It has forced brands to think out of their comfort zone and focus on other ways of making money, primarily through their e-commerce sector. I’ve worked closely with brands to come up with ways to still make a living throughout this tough period such as sharing their specials on my social media platforms, encouraging my followers to purchase products from them, and doing Instagram Lives where we answer various questions and answers and provide tips. I also keep in contact with them everyday and brainstorm ways in which we can keep the consumer happy. The best advice I can give during this lockdown time for all brands is: keep in contact with your consumer. Don’t ignore him/her. Now’s the time to always keep in touch.

 LMDA: Explain your company to us.

 KC: I am a bespoke beauty brand/social media consultant which specializes in content creation. I also host beauty workshops for groups of women to introduce them to various brands.

LMDA: Tell us your story (beginning, middle and how you ended up here on LMDA Lifestyle) 

KC: From film student to intern to Beauty Assistant to Beauty Editor to my own boss, where I can decide who I want to work with and when – I sometimes need to pinch myself. I’ve had an incredible career and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Watch this space!

LMDA: What advice would you give other entrepreneurs in your industry?

KC: My field is quite specialised – I don’t think there’s an actual template to do what I do. If you love the beauty industry, figure out your niche. If it’s makeup, stick to makeup. If hair’s more your thing, focus on hair. Set goals. Write down a list of your dream brands that you’d like to work with and create content centered around them. Tag them! Approach them! Build relationships and always remain passionate and enthusiastic. It pays off.

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