The online lingerie brand, Just Say Maybe (JSM) is designed and handmade with sought after lace and material in South Africa.  Each item of this sophisticated yet sexy lingerie incorporates lace details to embrace the elegance of the wearer. JSM lingerie embodies style and comfort while making you feel effortlessly sexy with a neutral colour palette.

Just Say Maybe Lingerie is the dream of Janine Greyling, who identified a gap in the local lingerie market for women to purchase affordable, sexy and comfortable lingerie.  “I wanted to offer South African women bespoke, locally made lingerie that offers limited designs, in beautiful fabric and in a colour palette that answers the need of the busy on-the-go lady that is looking for style, comfort and exclusivity” says founder Janine Greyling. JSM Lingerie strives to empower women through making them feel beautiful in comfortable stylish pieces while allowing them to entertain any opportunity that comes their way.

Just Say Maybe – In Full Bloom

A new range inspired by the beauty and possibility of nature – flowers. A strong symbol of femininity, fragility and the transitory nature of existence, from a seed to a beautiful flower. The designs are inspired by a range of delicate flowers – in particular Peonies, Cherry Blossoms, Honey Suckle and Frangipanis.

Exquisitely designed with you in mind… for an exceptional, elegant you

The Power of Wellness Trends

Wellness trends are so powerful. They bring light to the countless ways that we can look after ourselves. From Crossfit to Kundalini, when different trends rise, sometimes hopping on board can be a great way for you to find something that works really well for you.

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