Meet Kelli Clifton – Specialist Beauty Editor and Brand Consultant

After spending ten years in the magazine industry working for well-known South African glossy women’s titles, Kelli decided to delve into the digital and social sphere, as well as try her hand in consulting. After the success of cultivating strong relationships with some of the country’s best-loved beauty brands, both local and international, she then decided to start her own business which focused on content creation, brand consulting and showing new brands how to build and monetize their social media platforms, properly.

Kelli was also made a Tastemaker  (which is another word for influencer) for Jo Malone London in 2019, which was a huge honour for her and a boost in her career. Jo Malone London is her favourite beauty brand and after hosting numerous successful fragrance workshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg for them, she transitioned to Tastemaker.

Kelli wanted to keep things simple and decided to keep her brand as her original name and surname. It’s what people know her as in the beauty industry so she didn’t want to change anything.

After studying Motion Picture Production (film) from 2006 – 2008 at AFDA. Kelli majored in Production Design and was given lots of photoshoots as side projects throughout the years, which resulted in her falling in love with the concept of styling and shooting. After she had graduated, Kelli created a CV, made a list of all the magazines she could think of and sent it off. 

Kelli was hungry for experience and wanted to get her foot in the door. She was willing to do anything and started off as an intern at Home/Tuis magazine, a décor magazine that is still going today. After completing a six month internship there, Kelli went to FAIRLADY for a month, then headed to the marketing department which took care of the cream of the crop when it came to SA’s magazine industry: FAIRLADY, Sarie, Psychologies, Leef, Femina and all their bridal titles. Kelli was their official marketing intern for a year and helped with events and reader competitions. 

Kelli loved having the experience under her belt because it made her see another side to the magazine world that she had never thought was there: marketing. Kelli then went back to FAIRLADY as their beauty intern and worked there for a month before filling the role as Beauty Assistant. After a few years, Kelli got promoted as Beauty Editor and the rest is history. What a journey! 

Kelli believes that her brand stands out because of her years of beauty experience. She has worked with lots of brands and dealt with hundreds of readers over the years. Kelli listens to both sides of the story and has a knack for knowing what they both want. Kelli likes to call herself the ‘bridge’ between readers/followers and brands.

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