Wedding Trend: Nature is the new Luxury

Modern weddings have moved from the proverbial white chapel to sharing adventures together. The industry is seeing a shift where couples are ditching traditional or bohemian categories in favour of celebrating their individuality. Here’s how weddings have evolved from trends, colours and themes to creating personal experiences or ambient moods, and some simple tips on how to keep it green.    

“Nature is the new luxury,” is a line we heard in the industry recently and it certainly rings true.  We’ve seen that budgets from international clients may not have dropped much because of the weak rand but their choices have moved from lavish hotels to outdoor celebrations with breathtaking views. 

Five years ago, florals and catering were awarded the biggest budget because of a large head count or to fill a space. These days, creativity and fun are key players; from commemorating special moments like the day a couple met, to three day celebrations on a game farm with close friends and family. Mother Nature has done all the work and memories are made when we’re surrounded by love so why not save energy and go with the flow. 

Migrating to nature could certainly be attributed to the global conscientious surrounding environmental respect. Sustainability is as firmly entrenched in our everyday vocabulary as hello. Sadly, what isn’t always accessible is a budget. If your dream of a bush wedding is so far out of reach, you’d sooner cancel it, then read on. Eco-friendly nuptials may not be easy but with a little planning, your big ‘I Do’ may impress Mother Nature.

Keep out-of-town guests to a minimum to reduce air travel pollution. In our article on Microweddings, we offer tips on how to use technology to have guests virtually present.
Hosting guests in the same location as the ceremony and reception will also reduce travel, and prevent guests from driving under the influence. (Are we still doing that?) 

Use paper impregnated with seeds for wedding stationery so guests can grow a reminder of your special day. Throwing rice is wasting food; try petals and fresh leaves instead. The colour will provide a photographic visual feast and if not cleaned up, will compost down to feed the soil. On the subject of food, fresh local produce carries less or zero pesticide contamination, as do locally grown flowers. Meals will be healthier and you’ll be supporting small businesses. While you’re at it, ask your florist to use good old chicken wire in vases like granny did, instead of florist’s foam. And finally, always choose glass before plastic. It’s a no-brainer.


The golden thread weaving though modern weddings is that luxury has been redefined. Garish ostentatiousness is so last season; instead we’re experiencing a mindful sensory celebration just as Mother Nature intended.

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