How to shop the new fashion seasons

Social distancing has halted the Fashion Week A/W and S/S seasons around the world for at least a year. Furthermore, brands like Armani and Gucci have announced ditching their biannual collections for smaller, intimate showings every three months. How will this impact on our wardrobes and personal style?


Firstly, we may see the end of annual trend forecasts, and get the chance to reinvent ourselves more often. Costly? Yes, and can we afford excess wastage at a time when re-purposing is finally cool.


In our opinion, frequent collections enticing us to buy often isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Now’s the time to cultivate your personal style, and curate your wardrobe to such an extent, that you’ll literally become your own fashion house.


Here’s a simple 5-point plan on how we think you could navigate the new fashion season and still remain socially conscious.
● Declutter your wardrobe starting today. Throw out everything which doesn’t bring your joy or make you look and feel fabulous. We don’t believe in the six-month rule; some clothes carry special memories we don’t want to forget.
● Create a capsule collection of essentials. Every wardrobe needs dark navy denim jeans, a white shirt, three quality t-shirts, black trousers, a blazer and classic black shoes. (Have you noticed we haven’t mentioned gender yet?)
● Next up, layering. Shop a sexy leather jacket, a winter coat, a cashmere knit, and sneakers.
● Then accessorise darling. Find the best high quality UV sunglasses, a statement piece of jewellery like a watch, silver earrings or a chain bracelet, a wool scarf and a structured tote or satchel.

Et voila, you have the perfect capsule wardrobe.

● Now the fun begins. As designers roll out their collections every six weeks or so, buy one or two fun, high end or classic pieces which will compliment your basics. Go crazy, spend as much as you can afford without going into debt. Buy patterns and colours or keep it chic and simple. The golden rule is to ensure it works with three pieces from your capsule wardrobe.

The beauty of micro-collections is that you’ll never suffer FOMO because there’ll always be another release just around the corner. You’ll also never have a wardrobe full of nothing to wear; because everything matches and it all brings you joy. Above all, we know that when something is ready or easily available, we’re less likely to stockpile and waste.

Hands up if you’re keen to declutter and prep for that perfect capsule wardrobe. LMDA HQ is ready!

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