SOMETHING GOOD; a feel good blanket story to cozy up to.

Every once in a while you stumble across a hidden gem which makes you go “ahhh”. Something Good Studio is exactly that and then some. Take a look because we think you’ll agree.

Joburg fashion graduate Zydia Botes started her textile design label, Something Good, with big dreams. The plan was to create corporate sponsored charity blankets that were equal parts warmth and art. However, finding a sponsor proved trickier than expected so she started off with a small collection of six art blankets designed by her favourite female artists.

The rest as they say, is history. In two short years, Something Good Studio was awarded Best Surface Design at 100% Design South Africa 2018, got featured in WSGN, the media holy grail of global fashion and design, and achieved its initial goal of doing as much good as often as possible. 

Why we love it.

Zydia has proven that there’s more to African design than Shwshwe and Ndebele. Her prints are fun, adventurous and each so unique that they’ll fit into any space anywhere in the world; from a chic city loft apartment to a family home in the ‘burbs.

The blankets are handwoven in South Africa using ethically and sustainable sourced materials, and produced in limited batches. They’re 100% cotton jacquard with hand-stitched embroidery using fibres sourced from local farmers. It’s a tactile range intended to evoke the spirit of love, joy, peace and nostalgia. Each one is uniquely created in collaboration with local artists, and is lovingly packaged upon purchase with an explanation of the blankets’ meaning and representation.

Above all, it supports fair trade for women. “I just love the vibe when we woman-up,” said Botes in an interview with Design Indaba. “Supporting women in art is a very significant part of the project. A percentage of all sales are payable to the relevant artists on a royalty-based agreement, so in essence we are growing together.” 

See, we told you it’s a feel good story because right now, there’s nothing better than keeping our communities employed and warm, especially in winter. So, which will you be buying first? We can’t help lusting for the one which was titled, ‘One Last Summer’.

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