Uplifting artisans together

When we asked Sam from Kelp By Ray what inspired her to start her business, she gave us her very relatable and real answer.

“I was stuck in a 9:00 to 17:00 office job, not being able to express my creativity or explore my entrepreneurial side. Coupled with this, I had injured my back and sitting in pain at an uninspiring desk job gave me the motivation I needed to start my own business.”

Enjoying breakfast one Sunday morning, a friend and Sam started brainstorming and bouncing ideas off one another. She had always loved fashion and accessories and so thought it would be fitting to create a hat range. The duo wanted their products to be locally made and so embarked on an exciting adventure sourcing materials and creating their brand. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, they ended up ceasing their business prematurely but this opened a new door for Sam.

The silver lining that Sam had discovered, in her pursuit to find and support our local South African artisans is that she came across the most incredible craftsman that designed bags made from 100% locally sourced cotton.

He did not have the resources to grow and was in need of support. Sam saw his potential and knew that she was lucky to have met such a gifted individual. Kelp by Ray was born shortly after in an attempt to showcase and uplift our country’s unrecognized talent. Sam sells a range of high quality, trendy, yet practical bags, which are each individually handmade in Cape Town.

South Africa has an abundance of talented craftsmen with a lack of resources to grow and utilise their potential. The brand Kelp by Ray was created after meeting one of these gifted individuals, who handcrafts bags made from 100% locally sourced cotton. The brands aim is to showcase and uplift our country’s unrecognised talent by supporting locally skilled artisans.

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