CAPE ISLAND: eco-luxe home decor made in Cape Town

Everyone’s producing home decor these days and slapping on luxury and eco-friendly labels. So, what sets CAPE ISLAND apart from the rest?

CAPE ISLAND is a home fragrances, body products and lifestyle decor brand created in Cape Town. The company was started by Suzanne Snowdowne and Karin Wood who head up an all women team living their passion for telling African stories.

The products are luxurious, sophisticated and socially & environmentally conscious, made from high quality natural ingredients, produced in micro-batches in reusable packaging. Soaps and lotions are aquatic-friendly and sulphate free, and the candle sale from each of the five fragrances supports a related NGO. (How cool?)

These exquisite collections were designed by the Cape Island creative team to suit a sacred space in every home.


Clifton Beach has you basking in sun-warmed coconut, opulent tolu balsam and zesty lime. Summer Vineyard captures the essence of lazy days with elegant neroli, fresh fig leaf and alluring ylang-ylang. Safari Days will transport you the woody earthiness of African bush with spicy patchouli and a hint of wild sage. 

As if all this deliciousness wasn’t enough, CAPE ISLAND took business to the next level by bringing an independent perfumer on board. 

“The fragrance world is vast. When deciding on a direction for a new fragrance we speak to people to get a sense for what is missing in our range. It starts with a single note or a concept which fills that gap, being mindful to balance it within our existing family of fragrances in a way that makes it unique.” said Thea when asked how the next collections came about.

“We needed to up our game after creating three well received fragrances which were developed mostly through intuition and experimentation. Our in house strengths are creative vision, aesthetic, design & marketing so we were very happy to look outside the core team for the expertise needed to develop an exciting new fragrance. We found a specialist fragrance designer who was able to take our creative brief and guide us through a process of development much faster, until we were happy with the final result.”

We at LMDA HQ are equally happy with the results and know you’ll be too. Black Gold oozes urban sex appeal with gourmand notes of aniseed, black cherry and rum give way to the pull of lingering tobacco and rich oud. African Storm, on the other hand, captures that freshness after the first rain storm then unleashes exotic baobab, jasmine and warm white sandalwood.

Now, aren’t you proud that an eco-luxe brand such as CAPE ISLAND is made right here in Cape Town? We sure are.

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