Discover the Beauty of Petrichor Oils

From the very start, Petrichor Oils has been committed to ethically sourcing natural and essential oils from environmentally conscious farms in mostly South Africa, the African continent and overseas. Petrichor means ‘Pleasant Scent of Rain on Dry Earth’ which the brand tries to simulate with their evocative earthy aromas which have hints of floral and citrus hues. 

The beauty of Petrichor Oils It’s not only evident from their diverse product range, which seeks to connect people, but the beauty of the brand is showcased through their passion and choice to work with ethical farms that take extra care to give back to nature as much as they take from it. These small, organic farms that the brand sources from, are proud of their land and take great pride in producing these ingredients.

The founder of Petrichor Oils, Nics, noticed a change in her products since connecting with these environmentally-conscious farms and the people behind them,  “Once I started using these ingredients, everything changed about my products. Whether it was a psychological thing – but even clients that I had from before started saying that their latest purchase was different; they felt so good and they wanted to know what I added to it. It was basically the same ingredients except that the ingredients came from an environmentally-conscious farm.”

There is a bigger shift towards sustainable and ethical products in South Africa, “A lot more people are taking the time to educate themselves. Just as it is possible to find meat or vegetables from ethical sources; finding ethical oils is possible too”, says Nics. 

Sourcing natural ingredients is a rewarding practice
The journey to sourcing some ingredients often involves connecting with like-minded people, conversing through broken Spanish/English and seeing it as an adventure. Which sets the tone for how Petrichor Oils sources their most popular ingredient, Palo Santo. It’s known as the holy wood and is very sacred to the cultures in Peru and Ecuador.

“There are old traditions of almost worshipping and looking after that [Palo Santo] tree. It’s not only important to the people in a religious and spiritual sense but every sense. Peruvians and Ecuadorians will not disturb a Palo Santo tree unless it is older than thirty years and the wood that they use has fallen from the tree onto the ground”, says Nics. 

The scent is indescribable

Palo Santo wood has the most intoxicating, beautiful scent. Imagine a fusion of coconut, lime and liquorice and you’ll only scratch the surface of the beauty of this aromatic wood. Palo Santo is used for traditional healing and in spiritual ceremonies by indigenous and mestizo Latin American cultures.

The wood is meant to negate any bad energies from you and also with others. It is also a powerful tool for creativity manifesting and is phenomenal in the way that it grounds you – when you’re feeling anxious and out of sorts. When it comes into contact with your skin, Palo Santo creates a scent unique to you, thanks to your pheromones. 

Petrichor Oils is committed to preserving Palo Santo trees
Palo Santo has become more popular in mainstream communities in recent years and with that comes the reality of these special trees being rapidly cut down. When sourcing this ingredient, Petrichor Oils is committed to connecting with farmers involved in reforestation programmes.

To positively contribute to the protection of age-old traditions and this sacred wood – Petrichor Oils was able to connect with farmers in Cusco, a village in Peru. Each time oil or wood is sold from the farm in Cusco, the farmers plant more [trees]. They uphold the old traditions and ceremonies, uplift their community and honour the earth. Palo Santo is one of a few oils that Petrichor Oils imports, the rest is all sourced locally. South Africa has an abundance of amazing ingredients which no other country has. 

Petrichor Oils is a holistic business with a loyal following of people who have incorporated the brand into many spheres of their lives. Nics, (the founder) works to assist people who suffer from anxiety, depression and insomnia. “I work with the limbic system, I help people (one-on-one) get to a calm state and I introduce them to a scent to help them”, says Nics. The purpose of this scent is to bring the person back into a calm state when they’re experiencing any sort of difficulty. 

Essential Oil Kits 
More and more people are experimenting with the essential oil kits from Petrichor Oils and creating their scents. If you’re looking to experiment and ease yourself into the wonder of essential oils, this is the perfect way to do so. The kit contains a carrier oil and five essential oils which allow you to experiment with blending scents and aromas. You can reach out to Petrichor Oils for advice via an online consultation to guide you on your journey and also to discover which oils work best for PMS, anxiety, increasing self-love, self-confidence and so much more.

Nics, is often asked why she shares her ingredients and recipes with others so freely without fear of people replicating her work or no longer needing her. To which she responds, “I feel that sharing my years of knowledge that I gained from others in the past should be shared with those who are keen to receive it.”

Blended oils 
These are convenient and make for a great introduction to essential oils. You can shop a selection of blended oils to suit your needs. The selection includes Peaceful Sleep, Clarity, Focus, and many more. One of the most popular is Serenity, which is made up of Patchouli, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Clary Sage, Geranium, Rose and Bergamot. 

Award-winning skincare
Just like the essential oils, Petrichor Oils’ skincare range is also created with ethically sourced natural ingredients. Their award-winning skin repair oil is handcrafted with all the beautiful nutritional values of African plants and seeds with a natural SPF 40 made from Raspberry Seed Extract. The other handcrafted, nourishing products include everything, from an Enriching Face Wash to Bed of Roses Body Oil to add to your beauty regime.

Their workshops are truly unique 
Just when you thought there couldn’t be more this stunning brand could offer – they specialise in workshops too. There are two types of workshops to choose from; Scent and Movement and Essential Oils and Candles. Each workshop is centred on the energy of the room or the person – and given the current lockdown regulations, these have now been adapted to online workshops. 

The Oil and Candle Workshop 
These are usually hosted at your home with meals made by amazing local chefs. Through this workshop, you’ll learn more about the benefits of essential oils for everything from skincare to wellness. Each guest will then go on to blend a unique oil of their choice with expert guidance. 

The Scent and Movement Workshop 
This workshop is hosted at a yoga studio and often starts with a discussion around the benefits of essential oils – and how certain oils and movement can help with feelings, like anxiety. During the yoga practice, scents that connect with the movements are placed throughout the room i.e. while doing the heart-opening movement, rose oil is used to help enhance the feeling of your heart, opening. “You experience what the scent does while doing the exercise, allowing each person to walk away knowing which oil and yoga poses will help them feel calm”, says Nics. 

Nics often describes her interaction with her clients as a “beautiful guided journey down a pathway to discovering oils and connecting with others”. We couldn’t think of a better brand to guide you on this journey.


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