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This week’s update

A happy welcome to our new clients this week from the LMDA Lifestyle Team and the existing brands on board. Every second week we will be sending out a newsletter with updates and offering a space for feedback.

This week, we want to send out a big thank you to the wonderful brands who have contributed to our Women’s Day campaign running from 30th July – 8th August, the total value of the prize is impressive to say the very least!

We have an announcement to make! Boutique launched this week along with the PR campaign, marketing the platform. The updated packages brochure will also be sent out next week.

 We have some great stats we have been dying to share with you along with an exciting multi-channel update.

Best practices go a long way in increasing sales, my interview with Zahrah Cassiem from the Raw Beauty Co offers some interesting insights into how she has been achieving up to three sales a day.

Our engaging support system would like to offer some intuitive updates on some of the most frequently asked questions to help you achieve a smoothly running Atelier daily.

Thank you for your support, remember to share updates and content with us so leverage off a relationship where we can both work closely together to ensure both brands get the best possible benefits from being online.

– Rochelle, Director of Lifestyle & The rest of the team at LMDA


LMDA Tech Director Daniel Botha discusses our site metrics and new marketplace value-add.

I’ve been consistently impressed by the website metrics that we’ve measured so far, which overall are showing exceptional engagement and growing traffic. Pageviews are already at nearly 15 000 per month, and that’s with a bounce rate well below 40%. The latter number shows that site visitors are browsing the pages they land on and delving deeper into the site to find more, rather than just clicking away. A testament to the quality of your products and the scale of the market for them.
While these numbers are impressive, we want to see them soar and multi-channel marketing is the ideal vehicle for this. In short, multi-channel marketing is simply driving and third parties to get more eyes on your products. Our multi-channel strategy will eventually encompass every major channel that allows us to present your products beautifully, but we’ve started with the behemoth that is Facebook Marketplace.
With over 800 million active users per month, Facebook Marketplace is currently unrivaled in its reach and efficacy in driving additional sales traffic, taking your existing store to Facebook. The great news is, your products are already live! We’ve made the entire LMDA Lifestyle catalog visible on the Facebook marketplace, where we’ll be using both paid and organic promotion to drive more sales to your shop.
A couple of things that are worth noting as we hit the ground running going with FB Marketplace.
  • The marketplace does not allow the promotion of virtual products or what it deems to be “healthcare” products. The definition of the latter is still hazy, but we’re working with FB to determine which products fall into this category.
  • Transactions still take place on When someone wants to buy your product, they are directed to our cart and checkout facilities. This is why the platform is so effective at driving more traffic to your shop.
There’s way more to tell about our multi-channel strategy, but I’ll leave that for another update. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing and making beautiful things.
Daniel Botha
Tech Director


Zahrah from Raw Beauty Co Shares With Us

As one of the top-performing brands on the platform, we gave Zahrah from The Raw Beauty Co a call to find out what she thought she was doing that was resulting in her getting up to three sales on a day.

Zahrah’s answer was short and sweet, “marketing!”

Zahrah started out selling from her Instagram platform and now uses the Lifestyle platform as her online shop.

Starting out on Instagram allowed for Zahrah to really engage with her consumers on an individual level, something she continues to do in her daily business practice. Zahrah still has very personal relationships with her consumers, understanding their needs and what appeals to them. She then directs them to the Lifestyle platform to make their purchases where all of Zahrah’s operational needs are being met, allowing her to focus her creativity on her business and also to focus on getting to know her audience.

The key to leveraging off the Lifestyle platform is still engaging with your audience and driving them to your own shop space, as well as updating us on what she plans to do next so we can assist with any of her marketing and Atelier needs.

When I first asked Zahrah what advice she would have for someone wanting to get started, her answer was to “invest in yourself and build something that makes you happy and proud”, an answer I wouldn’t take lightly from someone who clearly knows how to make something work for herself.


This week’s top tips for Ateliers


Editing Variable Products – The time will come when you need to edit products, either to add/amend stock availability or sizes, etc. 

Please remember that if you are editing a Variable Product (a product that has size/color/aroma (other options), the system automatically defaults the product to a “Simple Product” when you go in to edit.
It’s very important to select ‘Variable Product’ when you start editing. Once you select publish and have not selected Variable, all Variant Options are disabled and it will default to the initial basic product and price that was added.
Product Availability – In order for us to give the best possible Customer Service, please keep us updated on your product availability and lead times. We know from experience that our customers do not mind waiting for a product, provided we keep them posted.
We are also aware that life happens, and that there may be delays, as long as we are aware of this we can manage the Customer Experience and ensure that it remains positive.
Keep In Touch – If you require assistance on updating stock, managing lead times on the site, please reach out to 

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