Fashion Trends we have seen in 2020 by Danielle Viljoen former Fashion Editor Marie Claire

We love a good birds eye view on fashion and who better to ask than former fashion editor of Marie Claire, Danielle Viljoen. Her view on what we have seen this year thus far, besides the lounge wear brought on my COVID19 as April unfolded.

Exaggerated/ Puff sleeves

Exaggerated shoulders and sleeves have re-emerged from the 80’s and are bigger than ever. This trend is something even minimalists can get behind by keeping to simple fabrics and hues. If having two puffed sleeves is too bold for you; opt for an asymmetrical one-shouldered item. Avoid looking frumpy by synching in your waist with a belt.

Mini bags

Think Jacquemus micro. Are they practical? Definitely not, but these little additions to your wardrobe are sure to make a big statement. Micro bags are great for layering. Pair yours with an additional bag of a different size and length.


This has been quite a popular, although unexpected trend, for quite some time. As flamboyant as the trend may be- opt for a mixture of more subdued hues in a simple silhouette. Want to experiment with the trend but are a little shy? Pair your trend item with a classic wardrobe piece such as a plain white tee.


Go for bold in the little-sequined-dress this festive season, if we get let out to play. This trend is no new-comer, but we’re glad it’s sticking around. Pair yours with a block heel fit for dancing the night away.


Sheer fabrics can be daunting and this might seem like a tricky trend to wear if you aren’t someone who likes to experiment. Translucent fabrics can be complimentary by allowing us to show a bit of skin without feeling too vulnerable. Layer a sheer dress over your slip for a modern twist on the LBD. Alternatively opt for a lace cami under a sheer blouse for a romanticized look. 

Things to look forward to when we can show some leg again after lockdown! 

The Power of Wellness Trends

Wellness trends are so powerful. They bring light to the countless ways that we can look after ourselves. From Crossfit to Kundalini, when different trends rise, sometimes hopping on board can be a great way for you to find something that works really well for you.

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