Feng-Shui Tips: How To Arrange Your Home Office


These past three months have taken some adjustment in terms of getting down to do some meaningful work. My once peaceful workspace has been invaded by three little monsters, each competing for the best WiFi reception and each accusing the other of stealing their air. Then there’s the anxiety of contracting the corona virus, the repercussions of shutting down the economy, and the collective uncertainty we feel. All these emotions give rise to an energy that can easily send you on a downward spiral and certainly not conducive to producing your best work. If like me, you find yourself feeling unproductive and eager to spark momentum, then perhaps you’d like to consider not just your thoughts in terms of attracting what you desire but the outlay of your workspace too. Referred to as Feng Shui, this is the practice of aligning with the energy that governs the Earth in order to manifest a more fruitful life. Inspired by Feng Shui expert, Marie Diamond, I’ve applied a few basic principles to my home and specifically my work space. I’m already seeing the results in terms of a renewed focus and a  more positive approach to my work, so I thought to share a few of Marie’s tips below.

Tip #1: The Power Position

Also referred to as the ‘Dragon Seat’ this is the position which has the most power and from which you can see all entrances. Doors are an entry point for opportunity, so to be in a position to receive all that is coming your way, arrange your seat in such a position that you are in full view of the common entrances and with your back to the wall leaving no emptiness behind you. In this position you will be able to better concentrate, think clearly, be more productive and make steady progress towards your goals.

Tip #2: Declutter

Think of clutter as stagnant energy blocking the flow of energy and access to opportunities. Pens that have run dry and blunt pencils will attract the same low vibrational energy, as will books that are no longer used. Rid yourself of these objects, along with old invoices and obsolete to-do notes. Keep only the objects that are used regularly and not only will your focus improve, but you’ll experience the joy of free-flowing energy too!

Tip #3: Gold Attracts Abundance

Gold is said to attract abundance and vitality, so having a gold pen, stationary holder or a frame are a few ways you can harness this energy. This is especially applicable, if your desk is where you would sort through and pay bills in order to welcome wealth.

Tip #4: Fresh Flowers and Green Plants

Green is the colour of growth and this positive energy is amplified by beautifying your space with fresh plants and flowers. The only plants to avoid would be ones with sharp leaves and especially cactuses as they hinder the flow of energy with their spikes. Instead, opt for plants with rounder leaves like the Jade Plant or palms. 

Tip #5: Mirrors Double The Energy Of An Area

Mirrors have the property of reflecting (and effectively doubling energy of an area), so be mindful of where you place them. Hanging a mirror on the wall facing your desk will work against you by doubling your workload. Constantly looking at yourself working would most likely increase anxiety and stress. 

Tip #6: Remove Personal Objects

Finally, if you’re really serious about work and realizing your goals, you might want to consider removing all personal and social items from your workspace. Photos of family and friends however endearing they may be, will only serve to distract you from your work. Instead frame pictures of important milestones in your career, your personal mission statement or quotes that inspire you.

For more tips and insights into the practices of Feng Shui, follow world renowned motivational speaker and Feng Shui Master @mariediamond8 on Instagram. And if you’ve found this article inspiring, then follow @theurbanaphrodite  for more content that will inspire you to get up, dress up, show up and shine.

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