The Power of Wellness Trends

Wellness trends are so powerful. They bring light to the countless ways that we can look after ourselves. From Crossfit to Kundalini, when different trends rise, sometimes hopping on board can be a great way for you to find something that works really well for you.

2019 was an interesting year of wellness trends, as we saw a shift from the idea that “sweat is fat crying” to embracing that of the bikini body being just that, a woman in her swimwear.

Finding meaning in small rituals and unplugging from the digital world, wellness for our finances and learning to listen to our bodies…”wellness” as we know it has many faces, feelings and forms. Here are some we enjoyed seeing gaining more light.

  1. Men Who Meditate 

With the recent rise of femme power, our minds almost never think, how are men empowering themselves? There has been a beautiful shift from the egotistical crunch of power to a silent inner human empowerment that men are embracing. Modern men have started investing in their mental health, along with their physical health and this looks to be on the up with there being a big increase in men aged 45 to 70 booking yoga & meditation classes as well as retreats.

We hope to see, studios and wellness resorts that are weighted towards targeting women offering increasingly more male-focused programmes and classes, broga anyone?

  1. Green Envy

Have you squeezed at your water bottle after bikram like it was your last life source only to look around and notice the disapproving looks, showcasing the knowledge that there would soon be a turtle doing just that to that same plastic bottle, only taking its last breath close to the bottom of the ocean?

Today, almost anywhere you go, sustainable alternatives are affordable and just as good or better than the original option. We are seeing a trend that eco-consumption has become less about the status of opting in, and more about the shame of opting out. 

We believe that 2020 has seen consumers (with all degrees of consciousness) seeking out products, services and experiences that will primarily help them alleviate their rising eco-shame, along with helping out the turtles. 

  1. A digital group hug

Traditional social media has been a wall paper for our community and individual social networks. From what we can conclude (looking at depression and productivity rates) the only thing the more popular platforms are focussed on is keeping us addicted. Taboo statement…but has there been a robust scientific journal published about the benefits of social media recently?

A wellness trend we are seeing in 2020 is consumers seeking out alternatives to the vast and toxic online social media networks that they involve themselves in, for more community based online interactions.

We have already seen people embracing smaller, more intimate digital spaces that facilitate respectful and meaningful connections, allowing them to interact with like-minded individuals and to truly be themselves. We see this in the countless groups that get set up within the vast networks, in an attempt for people to refine like minded connections. 

  1. Nature immersion

Speaking of digital wallpaper, in our 24/7 world of emojis, followers and likes, we are seeing a vastly broadening gap between us and our natural surroundings, which can leave us physically and emotionally disconnected.

You may or may not be aware but getting outside is good for you. ‘The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician,’ and this packs particularly heavy weight in the age of the iPad and Netflix. If listening to nature sounds can have a positive impression on the brain, can you only imagine what actually immersing yourself in the stuff can do for you? 2020 see’s more people seeking  the need to make space in their day to get outside, buy indoor plants or choose the seat near the window.

  1. Wellness Holidays

Most holidays used to start with a Pina Colada by the pool followed up with a platter for two and three more rounds of cocktails. Sun, partying and a whole lot of fun, leaving us feeling like we needed a few days to reset when we returned home from our vacation to reconnect with our bad selves before entering reality. 

2019 saw a shift in this type of holiday where people started acknowledging the need to rest and recharge away from the demand of everyday life. Most of us are familiar with the traditional concept of a wellness retreat – spending a weekend in beautiful surroundings being tended to by holistic therapists, eating nutrient-dense food and practising yoga with limited technology usage.

2020 brings with it wellness holidays, your usual length holiday, juices, wholesome food, activities, mindfulness and conscious behaviour. This is the kind of holiday leaving you feeling fully recharged and able to face the reality that you have set up for yourself, as well as fully embrace some self serving changes to it.

All trends move in and out of the limelight, allowing each different type of person the chance to experience something new. Let go of what no longer serves you, embrace what does and walk through 2020 open to seeking out a way that will allow you to put your glass of sustainably made juice down and know that you at least tried.

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