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We focus on petite weddings that set the standard for intimate unions. Our joy lies in perfectly translating our clients voice, meticulously curating an eco-friendly micro-wedding that is not only beautiful, but an overall expression of our client’s values.
We are specialists in the following ceremonies:Legal marriage (heterosexual & same sex couples) – Vow Renewals – Promise Ceremonies – Spiritual Unions – Religious ceremonies (all faiths & denominations).
We are proud to offer the following premium in-house services:Exclusive Styling – Photography – Makeup & Hair – Floristry – Wedding Cake Design.
Guided Meditation – Sound Bath – Gong Ceremony – Chakra – Reiki – Crystal Energy -Conscious Breath-work.

The Power of Wellness Trends

Wellness trends are so powerful. They bring light to the countless ways that we can look after ourselves. From Crossfit to Kundalini, when different trends rise, sometimes hopping on board can be a great way for you to find something that works really well for you.

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