As an avid traveller and skin care enthusiast, it became difficult to find suitable skin- and hair care products in various Asian countries. This is when an idea sparked: I will make my own using all natural products! Countless hours of research led to a love for essential oils and natural products. Skin and hair thrives on natural oils. Mare & Itis started as a travel website to illustrate how easy it was to travel on a budget. I have since introduced a splash of all things aesthetic – lifestyle and design. Anele is an Earth Sciences major, an aspiring Interior Decorator and a lover of all things avocado!

Our Mission

Mare & Itis Shoppe’s mission is to provide quality natural products that are affordable. Essential oils and all of their goodness should be available to everyone. We have expanded our range so that we can make non-toxic living attainable for everyone. We also do so with a clear environmental awareness. 

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