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Virtual Design Festival

Virtual Design Festival is the world’s first online design festival, taking place from Wednesday 15 April to 30 June.

Each weekday, VDF will feature a mixture of cultural and commercial content created by Dezeen or in partnership with organisations, individuals and brands.

With much of the world in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the global architecture and design community is, along with many other sectors, facing unprecedented challenges.

Virtual Design Festival (virtualdesignfestival.com) is a platform that will bring the architecture and design world together to celebrate the culture and commerce of our industry, and explore how it can adapt and respond to extraordinary circumstances.

We will host a rolling programme of online talks, lectures, movies, product launches and more. It will complement and support fairs and festivals around the world that have had to be postponed or cancelled and it will provide a platform for design businesses, so they can, in turn, support their supply chains.


Company Hosting: Dezeen 

Date & Time: 15th April – 30th June 

Location: Online

Cost: Free


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