Painted with a blend of Cape red wines with relief paper collage on 300gr fine quality watercolor paper.
Mounted in a wooden box frame with front glass panel.
Size: 110.5cm x 141cm

Signed and dated.


Africa represented as a beautiful African queen who is both proud and brave, strong yet fragile. She calls to her people to return to purity, integrity, optimism and hope.

Painting with wine is a fascinating process. The wine firstly needs to be boiled in a pot until a rich painting consistency is achieved. When the wine is first applied with brush to paper, it is deep red in coloring. Then after a several weeks, it changes to softer purple and then months later to a red-brown.
Over the last 4 years, I have observed these changes with wonder. Today the color has changed to a beautiful sepia ginger-brown. In this sense too, the artwork evolves dynamically as it embraces change.


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Weight 30 kg


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