Aloe and Moringa Face Jelly


A lightweight jelly facial moisturizer, made with aloe vera gel, moringa oil as well as frankincense and lavender essential oil.



Our lightweight face jelly is the perfect non greasy moisturizer that will hydrate and revive your skin. The hydrating  Aloe Vera base and luxurious moringa oil combined with the frankincense and lavender essential oils make an amazing skin loving combination. Moringa oil is known for its anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. It is packed with vitamins and is effective on all skin types. Frankincense essential oil is said to be a great ingredient to reduce the appearance of age spots, dark marks and acne scars. The soothing lavender essential oil is anti microbial, anti inflammatory and also has an extremely calming scent to promote relaxation.

Directions : Apply a pea sized amount onto the skin and massage in circular motions

Store in a cool dry place, or in the fridge for a cooling effect

Use within 3 months

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