Clifton Beach Room & Linen Fragrance 100ml


Clifton Beach was the very first fragrance we developed and it never fails to delight the senses. The sweet and captivating notes of coconut & vanilla are expertly layered with tolu balsam and lime which offer the fragrance a fresh and alluring hook. The coconut note has energizing and uplifting effects on both the mind and the body, easing anxiety and tension.

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Now you can enjoy it as a Room & Linen Fragrance to enhance your favourite interior spaces and create a relaxing atmosphere at any time.

❖ Not tested on animals
❖ Completely biodegradable
❖ Made in South Africa

Fragrance Description: Clifton Beach where sun-warmed coconut combines with the opulence of tolu balsam and a zest of lime

A great addition to any bathroom or bedroom. Can be paired with the Clifton Beach classic candle.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Clifton Beach


Be Relaxed



Fragrance Notes

Coconut, Lime, Plum, Sea Salt, Tolu Balsalm, Vanilla, White Flowers

Glass colour



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