Full Aromatherapy Package


Our full aromatherapy package includes: Large Soy Candle, Reed Diffuser, Pillow Mist / Room Spray, Pink Himalayan Bath Salts, Journal, 7-day Daily Affirmations Calendar, Wooden Salt Spoon

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Choose from 3 unique scents:

Unwinding Aromatherapy Package: An anti-stress essential oil blend of rosemary, tea tree and lemongrass. This range will help combat anxiety and reduce stress.

Low Key Aromatherapy Package: A relaxing essential oil blend of chamomile, lavender and sandalwood. Which not only smell wonderful but help combat depression, help you relax and promote peaceful sleep.

Uplifting Aromatherapy Package: An uplifting essential oil blend of geranium, grapefruit and lemon. This range will uplift mood, relieve stress, aid concentration and re-balance the body and mind.

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Low Key Package, Unwind Package, Uplifting Package


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