KURO-Bō 12.5L 100% Recycled Glass Dispenser


Keep a constant supply of delicious, single-use plastic-free water readily available on tap with the stunning large KURO-Bō 12.5L Recycled Glass Water Dispenser!

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Hand-made from from 100% recycled glass, and featuring a slow flow (child-friendly) tap and stainless steel lid, this unique and eye-catching dispenser is the perfect addition to a home, office, gym or holiday house. Its larger size means you can also use it for your cooking needs, or for a large family or smaller restaurant. You can also choose an optional extra of a stainless steel tap.

Is this too big? Take a look at our 6L 100% Recycled Glass Dispenser.

Would you like a stand? Take a look at our beautiful hand-made wooden Kiaat Dispenser Stands.

Our dispenser is ideally paired with 5 x eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Natural Water Filters, for 3+ months of 100% naturally purified, mineralised and pH-balanced water.

Ideally pair with our 100% plastic-free KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō Natural Cleaning Brush for gentle, effective and eco-friendly cleaning.


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