Lavender and Kaolin Clay Face Mask


 A rejuvenating and refreshing clay mask, ready made with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Kaolin Clay and Lavender essential oil. Multiple applications.



Our Kaolin clay face mask is a detoxifying and clarifying facial treatment that is suitable for all skin types. It cleanses the pores and removes stubborn dirt from the skin, it also helps to brighten the skin tone and adds a radiant glow to your face. In comparison to other clays, kaolin is extra gentle and absorbs excess oil without drying the skin. Instead our gentle mix of Aloe, Vitamin E and Kaolin clay , helps to refresh and moisturise as well as prevents redness and breakouts. 

Directions: Apply a pea sized amount to dry skin and leave for 10-15 min. Do not let it dry completely before rinsing it off with warm water. While rinsing massage in circular motions and pat dry. For the best results use 2-3 times a week.

Store in the fridge and use within 4 weeks 

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