Mantra Series – 1 Cohere


This print is titled, COHERE and means to form a unified whole, to be consistent. My wish for you is to think about what that means to you or what that resonates with now in your life. 21cm x 21cm

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Mantra practice, is widely adopted by many in our modern fast paced societies.

The idea behind my mantra series is for the person looking at the print and its design to notice the title of each work and then think up a personal mantra related to the title. Making these a great personal and unique gift, to give a loved one. At the same time being a great present to yourself.

The designs are my own symbolic patterns I have created. Highly inspired by primitive art, ritual and symbolism throughout history and various cultures. The colours and designs are neutral and will easily fit into most interiors.

Printed in oil based gold and black ink on the most beautiful ethically and sustainably sourced handmade paper from Khadi papers, the paper is made in the Himalayas. The paper is so fine you can see through it, despite its delicate appearance its incredibly strong.

Each print is hand signed and numbered and limited to an edition of 50.

Due to the nature of printing variations may occur.

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