October 3, 2020 9:30 am - 12:30 pm VR Event

“On Saturday 3rd October, experience an all-star line-up of Wellness speakers, incredible Virtual Reality experiences and an exciting new way of shopping 20 of South Africa’s best Wellness and Beauty brands, all via your new VR Headset!

Tickets are only R750 and the week before the event, at a time and place convenient to you, you will receive a delivery with your gift bag. In your gift bag you will discover:

  1. A hand-selected array of awesome Wellness and Beauty products from brands including:
  • Skin Renewal
  • Motherkind Paris
  • Hey Gorgeous Skincare
  • Tremayne West
  • KURO-Bo
  • Happy Culture Kombucha
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Neostrata
  • Paris Skye Organic Skin Care

2. Your R400 voucher to spend at the marke

3. Your own Virtual Reality headset that you can keep (and access all future LMDA events with!)

At the time of the event, you put on your headset and you will be transported virtually to our beautiful, sunny, mountainous, outdoor environment. Think the rolling hills of Franschhoek! Our LMDA team will be there to welcome you and help you with any questions or information you need.

The event has 3 main areas for you to walk around and explore:

  1. An outdoor experience area – a mainstage with screens where the speakers/guides will be leading their sessions.
  2. A market area with 20 boutiques, each with a different selection of Wellness and Beauty products and services for you to browse and buy, as well as chat to the owners of the boutique.
  3. 2 x VIP areas – these are hosted by our industry leading partners myUTOPIA and Skin Renewal. VIP ticket holders will be able to enjoy additional talks and experiences led by their experts.

The environment is yours to explore and immerse yourself in! You can walk around, relax with friends and meet new people. We have a few surprise experiences for you to discover and enjoy. For example:


Swimming With Wild Dolphins

Swimming with wild dolphins has been described as life changing, transformative and revitalizing. Spending just a moment in the presence of these powerful, strikingly intelligent creatures in their natural habitat is to make a deeper connection with the ocean than most people can ever hope to experience. 

Now, @The Dolphin Swim Club is using Virtual Reality technologies to make this once in a lifetime encounter accessible to people all over the world. It’s such an impactful experience that it is already being used to improve the lives of patients in over 1000 hospitals and healthcare institutions around the world. 

“People experience a profound state of happiness, relaxation and playfulness when they encounter and listen to wild dolphins. We have created an experience where patients can swim with wild dolphins from the comfort of their own home, using only Virtual Reality goggles.”

As huge proponents of the power and value of nature in holistic wellness, we are overjoyed to announce the inclusion of the Swimming With Wild Dolphins experience as part of our LMDA’s Virtual Reality Market. Dive deep into this unforgettable experience and rub shoulders with the stewards of the sea, all from the comfort of your home. 

On the mainstage, we have an all-star line-up of South Africa’s leading Wellness experts for you to enjoy which include:

  1. Amy Hoppy – much loved Managing Editor of Women’s Health SA, will start your experience with a calming and rejuvenating session – “Guided breathwork, meditation and restorative class for holistic wellness”
  2. Candice Boddington – One of SA’s favourite Nutrition experts will get you up to speed on the latest hot topics in Nutrition – “Debunking nutrition myths and how to shop smart and local in 2020.”
  3. Phemi Segoe – Wellness Coach and Author will teach you the power of affirmations through journaling to help reprogramme your thoughts and raise your energy
  4. Sandi Dekker – Founder of myUTOPIA & Wellness expert who will wrap up with an energising session on “The value of goal setting in living your best life”. 

You will come away from these sessions feeling refreshed, renewed, invigorated and equipped to thrive in this new world!

9.30amEvent officially opens and people join

9.35am – 9.40am: Ollie Baillie (LMDA CEO) – Welcomes all guests to the event and additional announcements

9.40am – 10.05am: Amy Hoppy – Restorative Class

10.05am – 10.45am: Free Time

10.45am – 11.10am: Candice Boddington – Debunking Nutrition Myths

11.10am – 11.50am: Free Time

11.50am – 12.05pm: Phemi Segoe – Affirmations and Benefits of Journaling

12.05pm – 12.25pm: Sandi Bekker – The Value of Goal Setting

12.25pm – 12.30pm: Thank you to speakers and all attendees

12.30pm – 1.30pm: Additonal time for attendees to shop and enjoy the VR experiences


Time flies when you’re having fun and unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! At the end of the event, you simply say goodbye to your new and old friends, take off your headset and the products that you have bought from the market will be delivered to you in the next few days. The tips and tools from our speakers and the experience of a lifetime will stay with you forever! 

By purchasing a ticket to this event you agree to THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Should you have any questions, please email lauren@lmda.co.za or whatsapp +27724176773.”


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